Ruddier Schoenfeldt: ISIS and PKK threat is the same for Europe

Germany is one of the main centers of PKK and itsbranches activity in Europe. The German Internal Intelligence Agency published a 40-page report in February last year, in which it considered the presence and activities of the PKK as a serious threat to the security of the whole Europe. In this regard, the former German police chief confirmed the report during a conversation and presented the PKK as a dangerous threat to European security.

“The level of PKK threat in Germany has not only not decreased but also increased, and Germany needs to take this risk seriously. The level of threat posed by the PKK and ISIS to Germany is the same,” said Ruddier Schoenfeldt. Is.”

“According to the law, both are not allowed and do not have the right to demonstrate.”

Following the conversation on this subject, Jackie Shaheen, a German journalist who has worked on the PKK for more than 15 years, said “this group has become richer”. He refers to the 2017 report of the European Police (Europol) saying that the PKK not only does have an active presence but also does propaganda, extorts and launders money for itself. It even has ideological training camps. The attacks were carried out by spilling paint on the walls, throwing Molotov cocktails and other things.

He also added more than eighty percent of restaurants, or any kind of commercial centers have been extorted by the PKK. Money laundering, drug market under the control of the PKK.

“Europe is the PKK’s backyard. Its funding comes from here. The PKK has an illegal tax system,” said Mehmet Shukru Gulmush, one of the PKK’s founders. “The PKK earns money here. It extorts money from Kurdish businessmen and shopkeepers. If you want to start a small business, for example, you will have to pay forced taxes and money to the PKK.”

“I have 100% confirmed information that today the PKK has training camps in Europe, too. It abuses democratic laws in Europe, for example in the Netherlands, France … by coverage of sports complexes or centers for the disabled. They have set up training camps, and they even get funding from the relevant governments for this type of cover complex, and people who have run away from these camps have told me this.

“We do not want violence in Germany. When there are peaceful demonstrations, the use of PKK-related signs is prohibited, for example,” said Olivier Witke, a member of the German parliament who took part in the interview. Some officials say we tolerate this to prevent violence, but I do not agree. The PKK and its infrastructure in Germany are extorting money for terrorist acts in the Middle East.

“Europe needs to know that it is digging a well where it itself will fall. The recruitment process is very easy and free,” Jackie Shaheen concluded.

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