Yusuf’s father: My son was a victim of dirty politics

Socioeconomic issues of the border population and its many examples have always created problems for local families and of course the society as a whole, and this issue cannot be solved until we identify and eliminate the main causes of the damage, which is the serious determination and will of the government officials of Iran.

It is natural that the “border and less developed regions of Iran” need more attention from the officials of the Iranian government, even more so than other cities and regions of the country due to the existence of numerous and deep economic and livelihood problems governing the lives of people in those regions.

We have described the stories of numerous Iranian Kurdish families who have become victims of inhumane policies that violate human rights, such as forced disappearances and employment of child soldiers in militant groups such as PKK/PJAK. This time, we talked to the father of Yusuf Alaveh from Ilam.

Yusuf’s father said:

“My son couldn’t cope, and he ran away from prison.

As long as Yusuf was in the house, he never got into a fight with anyone or started a fight. Yusuf was a very calm and easy-going boy, but unfortunately, recently, he accidentally got into a fight with someone on the street and in the midst of this fight, he had caused an injury to that person, which made him sue Yusuf. I do not want to say it was not wrong what he did, but it was very hard for all of us.

Until then, we never thought that Yusuf would want to become a member of a party, because none of our family members had any interest in these parties, and Yusuf himself had never spoken of any party.

Yusuf’s father continued to tell us how one of his friends was in contact with PKK and PJAK, and this connection made him able to mislead my son. It is better to say that he was aware of the circumstances that had happened to my son, and by abusing this case and scaring my son from being imprisoned, he had tricked him and they had fled together, of course, we did not know anything about this case either.

Ever since Yusef disappeared, we looked for him everywhere, but there was no trace of him until after a few months, the same friend who took Yusef with him was able to escape and return, and he even admitted that he now learned the nature of that group. He didn’t know what was going to happen to them once they’d get there, that’s why when they went there and understood the nature of this group, they decided to run away as fast as they could, but they arrested Yusuf on the way out and he couldn’t run away and leave with his friend.

After that, we went to Iraq several times in the past year to return our son, but every time we faced insults and threats, now we don’t know where to take refuge! Who can we get help from? How to get our son back?

In the continuation of these conversations, Yusuf’s father, who was crying profusely, stated that: I am ready for my son not to return, even if they won’t give him to me at all, please make them let me see him once, at least to hear his voice, to make sure that nothing happened to him. To know that he is fine. I don’t want anything else.

I sacrifice my life to see my son for a moment.”


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