A sister who couldn’t bear to live after the news of her brother’s death

PKK and PJAK are not the only groups that target Iranian Kurdish youth, although they are the most vicious, as they do not allow their members to use the phone, or have any other form of contact with their families, something anyone would see as a basic human right.

“Which human rights? Which rights at all? Which rights? We have not heard from our brother for several years, we are left with only one news: the news of our brother’s death. Who cares what happened to us after the news of Hamidreza’s death?!”

This was part of the talks and complaints of Hamidreza Heydaranjadi’s brother, who further explained about this brother, following:

“Hamidreza was the most literate person in the family and was extremely intelligent, yet he was also loud to others, had very strong opinions, and was fluent in foreign languages. He was different from my siblings, it can be said that he had some interests in politics, and that was what attracted him to Komala.

“He was in that party for almost 2 years, but how he explained in his own words, he understood their true nature and understood that nothing was going to happen there. He said there was no revolution, no fighting, and the people there were only looking for sexual desires, drinking, or a way to Europe, so he decided to separate from them. We talked many times during his stay there, and were always informed of his fate. Still, we were so relieved when he returned home.”

“I think that is when he met PKK and made him make the second wrong decision of his life. You see, Komala and PKK do not get along well. PKK media have the tendency to describe the traditional groups such as Komala as ‘fake’. I think that is how they convinced Hamidreza, he also thought Komala was fake. It was not more than a month after his return that he disappeared again, but this time was different from before, because this time he suffered a disaster from which it was very bad to get rid of, Hamid Reza was not heard from again.”

“I went to Iraq several times to find him and persuade him to return, but the PKK and PJAK does not allow this to happen and only told us to stop looking for Hamidreza, because he has gone to Syria and it is not possible to see him. After a while, we heard from the news on TV that our brother was killed in Syria. I tried to look for him again because I simply couldn’t believe it.”

“When I went to Iraq again, they told me that Hamidreza is dead. There is no way you can go to Syria and see him because we don’t allow that.”

“What kind of animals are these that easily lead the young man of a family astray and kill him, even when his family wants to search for the last time to see their son and say goodbye to him for the last time, they do not allow such a thing. They don’t even say how this young man was killed or where he was buried?”

“Now we are left with a mother who lost her eyes from crying, and a sister who died only days after hearing her brother’s death news.”

“Who will hear the cry of my family?! Who can console us?”



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