Nasser Alizadeh, unknown fate?

To determine the fate of the lives of the other Iranian members of PJAK, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reporter contacted Nasser Alizadeh’s family. Nasser Alizadeh is the son of Aladdin, born in 1992, and a villager from Qotur Khoy. His family, who are also struggling with earthquake damage these days, are deeply concerned about their child’s life. “My son became was recruited by PJAK about four months ago,” Nasser’s father told our correspondent. He is married and has a 4-year-old son. But he left his wife and children and joined. “I repeatedly insisted on him so as to continue his studies, but he only terminated garde one of elementary school and then left it.”

Nasser Alizadeh

Mr. Alizadeh added “Nasser used to work in Tabriz and his employer recently brought his ID card that was left in Tabriz and handed it over to his family. I also handed it over to the police. Nasser used to ride a horse for carrying goods for the people in the Oshnaviyeh border area.” Nasser’s father also said of his son’s recruitment by PJAK: My son was witha person namely Rahim Mussaloo who told police that Nasser went ahead with his horse and announced by phone that he was with a group and he  did not know whether they were official Iranian armed forces or not. But locals said the area was under PKK / PJAK control.

Mr. Alizadeh also said about his life after the earthquake: “Our house was completely destroyed in the strong earthquake and now we rent a village near Khoy by paying 4000,000 Rials a month, which I can not afford. If Nasser was here, he would help me with my expenses. Now, with his absence, we have both financial and psychological problems. We really don’t know what to say to his wife and 4-year-old son. Who should raise this child? “The child needs his father.” Regarding the judicial and police follow-ups, he thanked the IKHRW and its offer to have a free lawyer and announced that he would definitely follow the  case via the International Police and complain against the PKK in the KRG. The IKHRW has also announced its readiness to provide judicial support to the family and other similar cases.

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