Arman Qadirpour: Joining and leaving PJAK comes with a high cost

According to the definition of sociologists, the concept of sect refers to any group that uses mind control methods and deception as a method for recruiting members.

These methods are used in the process of deceiving people to join the cult and persuading them to stay in the cult and turning the members into “captains”. The word “sect” actually means a static organization.

Today’s scientists have identified destructive mind control cults as the main threat of the third millennium. One easily thinks of groups such as QAnon, Christian cults in the USA such as Scientology and other religious groups. Cults pursue their destructive goals by deceiving the ignorant and inexperienced, but honest and loyal people. They use these personality traits to reign them in for life. This phenomenon could well be called modern slavery, and can be seen in PJAK and other PKK-offshoots.

Political goals and ideals such as the establishment of public welfare and social justice, or achieving a classless society, have been taken for granted, and by promoting these ideals, PKK and its offshoots have attracted honest and idealistic people, who of course lack social and political experience, and abused them for their own purposes. They are turned into soldiers, for life.

Based on these interpretations, the PKK and PJAK use deceptions such as creating better life circumstances, an ideal future for their people, better socioeconomic opportunities, and the promise of sending young people to European countries to do ‘diplomatic work’ there, well-paid.


For example, in the contact that the brother of Arman Qadirpour had with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, he said the following:

“My brother was in the 10th grade and he was a very polite and studious person. He always dreamed of going to European countries to study, something we could financially never realize for him. And we never thought that the day would come when he would leave his home and family.”

“When Arman disappeared, we went to every possible place, such as the hospital, police station, etc. But there was no trace of Arman. We feared he had become the victim of a crime.”

“Finally, even though we didn’t think that he had become a member of a group or a party, we got the news that my brother had become a member, or better described a prisoner, of PJAK.”

“So we quickly reached Iraq, but unfortunately they did not accept that Arman was captured and held there, and all our insistence and begging were useless and we have not heard from our little brother for almost two years now. I am sure they deceived Arman by promising to send him to Europe, he had mentioned having found a way to Europe before he disappeared, but why did they bring such a disaster to our family. He was just a boy, merely 16 years old, who had never experienced anything outside of books.”

“We request all international and national organizations, and all people who could have any news about our boy, to make a family happy if they have any information about Arman’s state of health and whereabouts.”

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