Benjamin Jablocki: Terrorist group reprogram the mind by brainwashing

Choosing a person and exposing him/her to certain techniques over a long period of time with the goal of changing his/her mind is what experts call brainwashing. In other words, they reprogram the mind.

Professor Benjamin Jablocki, one of the world’s leading professors in the field of brainwashing, says:

“Society really knows what this is. It understands the existence of this force and its power. Brainwashing is very effective in changing the individual and creating what we call a deployable agent. A deployable agent is someone who does exactly what a group or group leader commands. He does it without thinking about.”

Professor Jablocki says:

“These techniques have been perfected by sects over the years and are now used by extremist groups. The aim is to radicalize recruited members. Encouraging them to sacrifice themselves in the name of sect, group, organization, etc.” According to Professor Lucky, this lasts months and sometimes years.

A former member of the extremist group who underwent brainwashing is now studying as an academic. He says:

“They always give a reason to justify a subject or something good or bad. Charisma is also used in this context and reprogram the mind. In religious sects, they try to introduce the leader as a person supported by God and from the point of view of individual members, the leader becomes sacred, it reaches a point where even the idea of ​​opposing him does not come to mind.

Professor Jablocki goes on to say:

“Even if we look at it from the point of view of religious people, it violates freedom of choice. Governments should pay immediate attention to the issue of brainwashing people by extremist groups. But infiltrating secret groups and fighting their methods in this area is not easy.”

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