Rowan Dean: Antifa itself promotes fascism

Due to the cooperation and support of the PKK and its affiliates for the Antifa Movement through publishing their violent actions and supporting this American movement, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch presents to the readers the translation of the following interview on the nature of Antifa.

“The group’s title is originally made up of the first two words ‘anti’, and ‘fascism’, as they claim,” said Rowan Dean, a well-known political analyst and Sky News anchor, in an interview about the Antifa movement in the United States. They claim to fight against the tyranny of fascism that rules American society.

“But I have to say that while the US government is considered authoritarian, the organization itself is behaving authoritarianly. They introduce the US government as a government that promotes violence and war, which promotes fascism, but we know that the organization’s actions has made it one of the most violent fascist organizations in the world. What we see in the current situation is the collapse of democracy.”

“This movement is violent in the streets, burning everywhere and destroying people’s property. It is following the example of German racists and even Lenin’s followers in the former Soviet Union.” The Antifa movement will lead to the collapse of the government and chaos, the Antifa is no different from other violent organizations, contrary to its claim to fight against fascism, we see them carrying out fascist actions by hiding their faces. Interestingly, over the past two decades, the movement has grown stronger in democrat-controlled cities and left-wing circles, for example, claiming to demand more rights for the black, but in the same area most officials, including the governor, are all black. “They are abusing issues like the George Floyd case.”

“Unfortunately, many American academics have also fallen into the trap of the movement by calling the group anti-fascist, but in fact this is not the case. For example, we see the movement showing violent acts. This movement is a threat for the future of  America and is dangerous.

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