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Iman and his uncle are both guests of Pak party

The fate of Iman and his uncle are somehow tied to each other. Khalid Vakili, the father of Iman Vakili, requested the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch to reach the authorities of the country, the Kurdistan region, and anyone who can help this family to return their child. The text of the interview of Iman […]

Italian Prosecutor: “Y.P.G. is a threat to Italy’s security.”

The Italian prosecutor ordered the trial of Maria Edgarda, an Italian citizen who, after joining the YPG / YPJ, the armed branch of the PKK in Syria, has returned to this country. This Italian girl was recruited by the PKK fans in social media in 2017. She joined YPJ, an armed branch of the PKK […]

A letter to Massoud Barzani

To Mr. Massoud Barzani, Chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), As you know, this is not the first time that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has caused insecurity, instability and violence in the region, including in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The history of insecurity and violence by this organization dates back to 1980s, […]

Urgent / Official Statement of Kurdistan Region Police: PKK assassinated Ali Khan

In an official statement, the Police of the Kurdistan Region announced that the PKK assassinated Ghazi Saleh Alikhan, in charge of the security of the Sarzareh customs gate between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey. The statement said that after the necessary investigations, it was determined the PKK had followed Ghazi Alikhan and while his presence […]

The KDP arrested a European member of the YPG

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani continues to cooperate with Turkey to prevent the activities of the PKK which has also become a threat to the Kurdish Region. The KDP is trying to limit the group’s activities in the Kurdish regions of Syria. PKK’s activities are threatening for the Region and Europe […]

Yahya Ogar: PKK is involved in cultivating cannabis in Diyarbakir

In an interview on the PKK drug activities, Yehya Ogar, director of the “Yeshil Ay/Green Moon” association, Diyarbakir Branch, said: “The PKK has always been involved in the production of narcotics in southeastern Turkey, especially in the Diyarbakir region, and the gendarmerie has repeatedly destroyed cannabis farms and drug laboratories belonging to this group. It […]

Ruddier Schoenfeldt: ISIS and PKK threat is the same for Europe

Germany is one of the main centers of PKK and itsbranches activity in Europe. The German Internal Intelligence Agency published a 40-page report in February last year, in which it considered the presence and activities of the PKK as a serious threat to the security of the whole Europe. In this regard, the former German […]

Seth Jones: European members of terrorist groups in Syria a serious security threat

Seth Jones, director of the Transnational Threats Project and Senior Advisor to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in the United Kingdom, said: “The extremists are either influenced and inspired here or are trying to achieve their goals in Europe within the framework of various terrorist groups. In both cases, they are a security threat” […]

Geostratos: Drug is the financial source of PKK funding

In an article, Geostatratos website referred to different dimensions of PKK including tis financial side. “The PKK’s annual budget is millions of dollars, and its financial resources include organized extortion from Kurds living in Europe, the forced sale of publications, legal commercial activities, armed attacks for robery, and the imposition of revolutionary taxes,” it wrote. […]

Rowan Dean: Antifa itself promotes fascism

Due to the cooperation and support of the PKK and its affiliates for the Antifa Movement through publishing their violent actions and supporting this American movement, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch presents to the readers the translation of the following interview on the nature of Antifa. “The group’s title is originally made up of […]
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