Urgent / Official Statement of Kurdistan Region Police: PKK assassinated Ali Khan

In an official statement, the Police of the Kurdistan Region announced that the PKK assassinated Ghazi Saleh Alikhan, in charge of the security of the Sarzareh customs gate between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey. The statement said that after the necessary investigations, it was determined the PKK had followed Ghazi Alikhan and while his presence in the village where he was born, Bidkadavudan, and just as he was sitting among his family members, the PKK snipers targeted him. He was seriously injured, but lost his life due to the severe wounds.

Alikhan was 48 years old, married and the father of 5 children. He had previously been a refugee in Iran for some time and had also taken part in the war against ISIS.

Such actions show the statements of Kurdish experts about the seriousness of the PKK threat is true for the Kurdistan Region, because the officials of this region, like the head of Sarzareh police are not safe, either.

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