Violence and militancy as common denominators of Pan-Kurdism and Pan-Turkism

“Pan” is a Latin term meaning “all” and comes in the form of various terms, and its semantic burden expresses “all only for myself, no one but me” and in general expresses absolute exclusivism. Pan-Kurdism and Pan-Turkism are also more dangerous than Covid-19 disease and do not seem to intend to go to a hospital of reason and logic to escape this devastating scourge. These two polar and anti-each other currents promote violence against each other under various false pretenses. Of course, the role of the PKK and the Turkish intelligence services should not be underestimated.

After the beginning of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, various statements were made in support of both sides. In the meantime, what was most emphasized and encouraged by the Kurds and the Pan-Turks was and is the violence and encouragement of war against each other with the aim of absolute annihilation. The fact that no one wants to stop the violence in this region is a sign of the lack of rationality in the ruling system. While the countries of the region, especially the neighbors of Armenia and Azerbaijan, including Iran and Russia, emphasize the need to find a peaceful solution to this decades-long crisis so that it does not become a regional crisis, Turkey, a supporter of violent Pan-Turkists, openly beats the drums of war. The pro-violence PKK also sent a number of armed members to endorse its violence. These actions of both sides are contrary to the world order and the demands of the United Nations.

Other Pan-Kurds and nationalists expressed their desire for the victory of Armenia and the retention of Nagorno-Karabakh in the hands of the Kurds on the pretext that a Kurdish population was present in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as their opposition to the Turks and Azeris. But it must be said that the historical fact shows that the Kurds of this region were divided into two parts: Muslim and Yazidi. At the very beginning and during the Soviet era, Muslims declared that they were Muslims like the Azeris and opposed Armenia by supporting Azerbaijan, and the Yazidi Kurds, who had suffered a great deal from the Muslim Kurds, supported Armenia, but today the number of Kurds in this region may not be even a few hundred people. Many Kurds fled to Europe from the oppression of the Armenians, and the Kurds of Azerbaijan were assimilated due to the policy of repression and destruction and are now Azeris.

Today, the same Kurds who do not even know Kurdish and whose official language is Turkish is looking for Kurds with a magnifying glass. Another important point is that in this inflamed atmosphere, Israel is sending large arms aid to Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijani officials also thanked the Israeli drones for their accuracy in targeting the Armenians. Surprisingly, the Pan-Kurds and the Pan-Turks do not condemn the presence of the Israeli element in order to destabilize the region. Even those who have just found good relations with these anti-Kurdish Pan-Turks are hot fans by calling for the creation of an independent state in Nagorno-Karabakh!

If we read the opinions, demands and policies of the Pan-Kurds or the Pan-Turks from all sides, there will be war, violence and bloodshed. These people should also be told that your fantasies are crude and with these actions you are only pounding water in the mortar.

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