Komala as a photo narrates

Komala, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), PJAK and several other groups have repeatedly used violence in the Kurdish regions of Iran in recent decades. The common denominator of all these claims is the “defense of Kurdish rights”, but in word and deed they are nothing but contradictions and have nothing but misery for the Kurds.

Komala and the KDPI clashed with each other in the early days of the 1979 Revolution, claiming to “defend Kurdish rights” and killed hundreds of members mutually. The process was repeated in rotation. Massoud Barzani’s (KDP) blamed Qasemloo’s KDPI on the destroying ofMullah Mustafa Barzani’s grave in Oshnaviyeh, and this led to killing hundreds on both sides. After Komala and the Democratic Party were defetaed, they fled to Northern Iraq. Qasemloo’s KDPI took refuge in Saddam Hussein, and Qasemloo personally worked as Saddam’s economic adviser, which coincided with Saddam’s bombing of Halabja, which Qasemloo did not even verbally condemn. After fleeing and settling in Iraqi Kurdistan, they clashed inside each other, each splitting into two and sometimes several branches, and even the KDPI clashed with PJAK on several occasions, killing several people. PJAK never accepted the two groups. It does not, and neither does it accept PKK-affiliated and violent PJAK.

The atmosphere in these groups is anti-democratic and anti-human rights. For example, these groups claim to be democrats while their general secretaries and leaders are never democratically elected and are elected for life. On the other hand, widespread sexual and financial corruption among members, especially their leaders, is undeniable.

As we can see in the picture above, an armed member of Komala brought her several-month-old baby to the mountain with another armed unit. This is a serious document saying as the Komala violates the rights of children. Now, if in such an atmosphere, for any reason, there is an armed conflict between this group and another group, who is responsible for the presence of this child there? This picture shows the irresponsibility and inhumanity of the leaders of these groups.

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