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Bube Eser: The PKK is a Turkish project

I wonder. The PKK claims to have been active to unite the Kurds for the last 40 years and says that the Kurds will not succeed until they unite, and the organization itself unites with different groups and organizations under different titles. This is normal for the PKK, but I am surprised that some Kurdish […]

Komala as a photo narrates

Komala, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), PJAK and several other groups have repeatedly used violence in the Kurdish regions of Iran in recent decades. The common denominator of all these claims is the “defense of Kurdish rights”, but in word and deed they are nothing but contradictions and have nothing but misery for […]

HUDA-PAR: HDP is not a Kurdish party

After Imam Tashchier, the representative of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), the PKK branch, announced the door of this party for all Kurdish parties and groups is open to the “Kurdish Union”, he  said even the “Free Demand Party” (HUDA-PAR) can enter the union and called the party “non-Kurdish and a follower of Erdogan’s Justice […]

In an interview with the IKHRW, Saleh Mohamad: PKK was established with the aim of destroying the Kurds

As we know, the PKK does not recognize the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and has repeatedly stated this. The group has also refused to allow Kurds to hold the KRG flag during demonstrations by its supporters in European countries, and in some cases has violently treated people holding the flag. In this regard, we asked […]