In an interview with the IKHRW, Saleh Mohamad: PKK was established with the aim of destroying the Kurds

As we know, the PKK does not recognize the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and has repeatedly stated this. The group has also refused to allow Kurds to hold the KRG flag during demonstrations by its supporters in European countries, and in some cases has violently treated people holding the flag. In this regard, we asked Saleh Mohammad, a Kurdish journalist in the KRG. He replied:

“The Kurdish flag is not acceptable in the PKK because the group only cares about itself and its leader. Anyone other than the PKK is considered a traitor. This group does not tolerate anyone other than itself. ”

“The PKK was founded with the aim of killing Kurdish youth and destroying Kurdish towns and villages, and it continues to do so,” the journalist added. If we look at the history of the PKK from the beginning, the issue is very clear. Its behavior and policies have always been anti-Kurdish. There are many books, video files and documents about the anti-Kurdish reality of the PKK. Here is an example. Turkish has been its language for the past 40 years. Such an organization cannot claim to be a Kurdish party. ”

Saleh Mohammad noted: “We should not be deceived by the deceptive words of Abdullah Ocalan and other PKK leaders. The PKK has defined Kurdish extermination as a strategic goal. ”

He also described the PKK’s presence in the KRG as a serious threat to the region’s security, and described the PKK’s insistence on continuing its presence in the mountains of northern Iraq as Turkey’s long-term program in the region. The PKK’s behavior in Turkey also shows that it has no Kurdish plans, as it only conducts armed operations in Kurdish areas, with the aim of destroying and evacuating these areas, especially the villages, the journalist said.

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