Interview: KDP attacks MP Sarkawt Shams for working on corruption cases

Kurdish parlamentarian Sarkawt Shams of the Future Bloc in Baghdad is seemingly under hard fire by Masrour Barzani’s team. Social media feeds are overflowing with the most ridiculous allegations, calling the parlamentarian gay, prostitute, traitor and so on.
We decided to ask around to see what these childish attacks were all about. Sarkawt Shams’s wife, Shnyar Anwar – who runs a foundation for women’s rights in Washington DC – told IKHRW what was happening.
She told that her husband Sarkawt Shams and fellow parlamentarian Ghalib Muhammad Ali were both MP’s in Baghdad, tasked to investigate corruption cases in the KRG. As a result of this investigation, KRG and both of its leading parties have been proven accountable. KDP’s Barzani team is now trying to defame and threaten them in response.
“I know a KRG’s USA representative staff member Bayan Sami Rahman – has been tasked to collect information about our private life and threatening our private life through their social media pages.”
Really fed up with the Social Media defamation campaign, she states on twitter: “I have never allowed myself to target anyone’s private life. But Barzani ‘s team has crossed the line. This is a warning to the Barzanis and their staff. I know what you are doing against me and my husband. Stop the defamation campaign, or else!”
“I have access to Barzani’s sons’ private life in the US, which club they hang-out, which luxury house or cars they own. I know about your dirty works more than you think. I can make your life in the Washington DC area a hell. I can destroy your lobby in Washington DC. Stop your dirty works Bayan Rahman or you will suffer the consequences. You can’t hurt American citizens while your militias in KRG are funded by American taxpayers like me.”
Shnyar Anwar is angry. She states that the KRG and KDP’s corruption cases do not end at Iraqi territory, and she will continue the work against corruption her husband does in Washington DC.
“I have prepared an 8 pages long report on KDP/KRG’s threats and illegal actions in US. I have talked to the office of Congressman Don Beyer office, Senator Tim Kaine’s office, and I have briefed them about the issue. Other US Governmental Offices are looking into possible criminal charges against KRG’s USA representative Bayan Sami Rahman”, who according to Shnyar Anwar is spying and digging in their private life.
“I will be helping some US Government entities who are looking into a couple of larger corruption cases that are linked to US interests, where giant Kurdish companies and individuals are involved. There are possible money laundering charges as well. We will not stop.”
“Every US Congressman and senator will receive full detailed and evidence based reports on KRG/KDP human rights violations, abuses, women killers and silencing dissidents. Taxpayers’ money is meant for the people of Kurdistan, not for criminal KDP/PUK armed units.”

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