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The Kurdish people of northern Iraq involved in poverty and corruption

Members of Parliament (MP) fighting physically. While all the Kurdish regions in West Asia are experiencing their most difficult times, and the developments in the region also do not have a specific direction to solve many crises at the regional, national and extra-regional levels, the release of a video from the recent meeting of the […]

If Iraqi Kurdistan leaders are serious about transparency, publish tax returns

Iraqi Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani likes to promise transparency. In a December 2019 speech marking his first hundred days in office, he declared, “Kurdistan is stronger, more transparent and more secure today than it was when I spoke to you at my inauguration. Dear citizens, first of all, a government that serves the people […]

Why Masrour Barzani Should Resign From Leading Iraqi Kurdistan

The region cannot survive incompetent governance. by Michael Rubin Kurds once billed themselves “The Other Iraq,” a region where democracy and security thrived, but today Iraqi Kurdistan is on fire. Security forces gun down protestors, Kurdish civilians return the favor, and protestors burn political party flags and even photos of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) founder […]

Corruption in Kobane; the Abdi dynasty

Through the last years, the US government has backed the Syrian democratic forces in their fight against ISIS in North-East Syria. Their battle has led to the establishment of a semi-autonomous region in the country. A leading role in the establishment of ‘Rojava’ is held by general Mazloum Abdi, who is famous throughout the world […]

Interview: KDP attacks MP Sarkawt Shams for working on corruption cases

Kurdish parlamentarian Sarkawt Shams of the Future Bloc in Baghdad is seemingly under hard fire by Masrour Barzani’s team. Social media feeds are overflowing with the most ridiculous allegations, calling the parlamentarian gay, prostitute, traitor and so on. We decided to ask around to see what these childish attacks were all about. Sarkawt Shams’s wife, […]

Teacher from Koya collects his salary in winter clothing

Teachers in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have massively protested the delay of their salary in Duhok, Hewler and Suleimania over the last days. More than 100 arrests have been made by Barzani’s KDP in an attempt to stop the protests. . This teacher found another, quite funny way to protest the delay of his […]

Billions of Euros transferred from Iraqi Kurdistan: leaked documents

A leaked documents obtained by Ekurd.net show billions of Euros have been transferred from Iraqi Kurdistan Region to abroad. According to the documents dated 2018, over 6 billion Euros have been transferred from a Erbil-based private company called Abor Land (Abor Group), to outside the region in form of bank investment. It is clear that […]

Barzani Family Spends $47 Million on Two Beverly Hills Homes as Iraqi’s Kurdistan Region goes bankrupt

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is one of Southern California’s biggest tourist attractions, its glitzy collection of designer boutiques — Chanel, Hermès and more — forming their own sort of Magic Kingdom to lure gawkers, and sometimes serious shoppers, from around the world. The residential streets just north of the main shopping drag have their […]

Wikileaks publishes a US consulate report on corruption in the KRG

Who was behind Erbil’s construction boom? Almost ALL major infrastructure projects were done by 8 conglomerates which are: Diyar Group, Eagle, Falcon, KAR, Nasri, Sandi, Silver Star and Ster. According to Wikileaks: The “godfather” behind all these companies is: “Barzani clan”. Here is the Wikileaks report which is a cable from then US consulate in […]

Tensions between KDP and PUK rise again

The Iraqi Kurdistan region has for years remained an underdeveloped region due to corruption and tribal politics. The region’s two ruling main parties both belong to a different tribe. In the 90s, many armed clashes appeared between both parties, and though they have made peace for years, the tension between them remains. At this time […]