The Kurdish people of northern Iraq involved in poverty and corruption

Members of Parliament (MP) fighting physically.

While all the Kurdish regions in West Asia are experiencing their most difficult times, and the developments in the region also do not have a specific direction to solve many crises at the regional, national and extra-regional levels, the release of a video from the recent meeting of the local parliament of the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, revealed the political underdevelopment of this region once again, and explained the reason Kurdish people have to face thousands of problems daily to achieve their normal rights. This film was about intense conflict of the representatives in the local parliament of the Kurdish region of Iraq.

In the session of May 22, the representatives of the Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union in the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Parliament clashed with each other due to a dispute over the election law. The representatives of the Patriotic Union of Iraqi Kurdistan protested against the renewed activity of the Election Commission in preparation for holding elections and considered it illegal, while the representatives of the Democratic Bloc considered the non-activation of the Election Commission as an obstacle to holding parliamentary elections on time. In tensions between the members of the Patriotic Union and the Democratic Party of Iraqi Kurdistan, recorded some reports of injuries. In fact, all the conflicts between the two main parties was about the elections. Originally elections and democracy are to resolve political and party disputes peacefully; but these two groups got into a physical conflict with each other over the election rules to once again make a mockery of democracy and political socialization in this region and among the so-called Kurdish political activists.

While Turkey has practically occupied northern Iraq the same as parts of Kurdish areas in Syria and established about 20 military barracks in the Kurdistan region; the Turkish army bombards different areas of the Kurdistan region and the forest and the village whenever it wants, and practically destroyed some field achievements of Syrian Kurds with silence and tacit support and of Trump’s absolute betrayal, occupied Afrin and massacred thousands of Kurds, and while the political parties in the Turkish elections are trying to distance themselves from the Kurds of Turkey in order to win the votes of the people and the leaders of the most important party attributed to the Kurds – despite their cooperation with the PKK armed group – are imprisoned in Erdogan’s prison, poverty and corruption are rampant in the Kurdistan region and the oil money of this region and the people is deposited into the personal accounts of the two ruling families of this region, instead of planning to solve these serious crises, the political elites are fighting.

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