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Continued death of young Iranians in the PKK-Turkey war

The Firat news agency affiliated with the PKK/PJAK armed group in its latest news has announced that two Iranian members of this group were killed in Turkish army attacks. PKK has announced the date of death of them as November 11, 2023, but the news of the death of these two people has been posted […]

Ismail Shojaei; The latest victim of PKK’s fruitless war with Turkey

What does this war have to do with Iranian Kurds? The notorious Firat news agency, the media organ of the armed and militant PKK/PJAK, announced that an Iranian citizen named Ismail Shojaei was killed in the fruitless war between the PKK and Turkey in its latest crime. Of course, Firat did not say why Iranians […]

The Kurdish people of northern Iraq involved in poverty and corruption

Members of Parliament (MP) fighting physically. While all the Kurdish regions in West Asia are experiencing their most difficult times, and the developments in the region also do not have a specific direction to solve many crises at the regional, national and extra-regional levels, the release of a video from the recent meeting of the […]

Turkish army kills and tortures two Iranian kolbers!

On April 16th, two kolbers coming from Iranian Kurdistan, West-Azerbaijan province, in the district of Van Çaldıran were tortured at the border post. Hasan Keçelanlu, one of the kolbers, lost his life, and Behnam Semedi was seriously injured. In the Beydoğan Police Station in the Çaldıran district of Van, it was claimed that the kolbers […]

Four journalists arrested for revealing Turkish army crimes

Following the news of the arrest of two Kurdish farmers in a village in Van province and their intentional drop from a helicopter by the Turkish military, public opinion in social media reacted widely and Amnesty International called for an independent investigation. This made the record of widespread human rights violations by Turkey against the […]

KRG Parliament: 504 villages evacuated for PKK violence

Committees in charge of investigating the war and violence of the Turkish army and the PKK in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have published their report in the parliament of this region saying as Turkey has entered 15 km deep in Iraqi soil and so far more than 500 villages are evacuated because of PKK-Turkey […]

Diyarbakir Sur Neighborhood: Government Sells us our own home!

The people of Sur neighborhood in Diyarbakir are criticizing the Turkish government and say: The government is selling us our own homes! Muhammad Dogan and Tehsin Ekinci, two residents of this very historic and touristic district of Diyarbakir, say that when the PKK entered this historic district in 2015, army forces also came to Sur. […]