Ismail Shojaei; The latest victim of PKK’s fruitless war with Turkey

What does this war have to do with Iranian Kurds?

The notorious Firat news agency, the media organ of the armed and militant PKK/PJAK, announced that an Iranian citizen named Ismail Shojaei was killed in the fruitless war between the PKK and Turkey in its latest crime. Of course, Firat did not say why Iranians should be victims of the PKK-Turkey war and what does this war have to do with Iranian Kurds?

Firat has announced the profile of this Iranian citizen as follows:

Organization name: Deyndar Xalid

Name and Surname: Ismail Shojaei

Place of birth: Kotul

Name of mother and father: Baji / Nader

Place and time of death: August 31, 2023 / Van

As expected and of course to the previous practice of the PKK, it is not yet clear why the news of the death of these people was published late? Also, it is not known where these people were buried and what happened to the bodies of these people? PKK has also not published his exact age at the time of death to avoid the responsibility of using children as soldiers. Another point is the continued killing of Iranian members of this group. In the past few years, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, citing PKK news sources, has repeatedly stated that Iranian members of this group have been killed in clashes with the Turkish army.

In fact, PKK uses Iranian members and they are killed in the war with Turkey in different areas continuing to decrease its popularity and attractiveness. While Turkish army’s conflict with a Turkish/Kurdish armed group called PKK has nothing to do with Iranian Kurds.

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