Diyarbakir Sur Neighborhood: Government Sells us our own home!

The people of Sur neighborhood in Diyarbakir are criticizing the Turkish government and say: The government is selling us our own homes! Muhammad Dogan and Tehsin Ekinci, two residents of this very historic and touristic district of Diyarbakir, say that when the PKK entered this historic district in 2015, army forces also came to Sur. During several months of armed clashes, the neighborhoods and walls of this historic and tourist district were hit by a variety of light and heavy weapons. Sur was destroyed.

They said: We also fled from the beginning. When we returned there was no trace of houses. The houses were destroyed and turned into dirt. The crackdown on the PKK ended a year later, but we are still banned from entering that neighborhood. The government has also built new homes on our homes and is now selling them to us! While we have no fault in this war. Why should the PKK and the army carry out their war in residential neighborhoods and in the historical and tourist neighborhoods of Sur? The cultural and historical heritage was destroyed.

“We are now displaced and have no money to buy our own home,” he added. We have fallen victim to this war and violence. And our voice doesn’t get anywhere.

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