International Missing Children’s Day and remembering PJAK’s responsibility

May 25th is International Missing Children’s Day. The purpose is to support missing children who may be threatened, sexually abused, harassed or trafficked, with the slogan: “No child is alone”.

Probably every Kurd who believes in the rights of these people in the Middle East, is reminded of the Kurdish children who have missed during the armed conflicts and there is no trace of them, when reaches May 25 and sees any notice about missing children and the history of this day. In these long conflicts, children are the most important victims and the parties to the conflict do not take responsibility for them. In this historic and bitter conflict, children face militant groups that do not adhere to any international law and use children as soldiers.

Thousands of Kurdish children have been deceived and kidnapped by militant and armed groups such as P.K.K., PJAK, etc. These children died in the war between these armed groups and the Turkish army, but their families never know where their children are buried. They do not even publish correct news about the survival or death of their teenage members. In fact, it is better to say the Kurds have tasted the bitter taste of missing children more than any other nation and group. These missing children are in the impassable mountains, instead of being at school; and practice death instead of learning about life.

PJAK and other Kurdish militant groups are responsible for the death and fate of these children. Although they do not give any answer to the children’s families and human rights institutions now, , whoever causes the death of children and uses them as soldiers is responsible throughout history and against public opinion of the Kurdish people.

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