Recruitment of 11 Kurdish children in North-East Syria (IDs provided)

The gunmen of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) kidnapped 11 Kurdish children from separate areas of Syrian Kurdistan, within a short record period, ranging from 12 to 16 years old, and took them to an unknown destination.

According to the information published by ARK Agency and Al-Khabour agency, which ocal Kurdish and Arab news agencies operating from inside of North-East Syria, these children were forcibly abducted, and their age is no more than 16 years, as they are influenced and deceived through social media platforms and social clubs targeting teenagers, to be later transferred to the Qandil area, where the party’s headquarters and camps are located, without the knowledge of their families.

Names of the kidnapped children:

۱٫ Issam Muhammad Issa, 13 years old, from the village of Qatam, in the Shara district of occupied Afrin, was kidnapped from Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo.

۲٫ Khattab Obeid Hassan, 15 years old, Manhi Al-Hilaliya in Qamishlo city, was kidnapped last Wednesday 24/11/2021.

۳٫ Avin Jalal Khalil, 15 years old, was kidnapped on Sunday 21/11/2021 in the city of Amuda. Her health is in poor condition.

۴٫ Ayana Idris Ibrahim, 16 years old, was kidnapped from the city of Amuda. A recorded audio clip of this Kurdish girl spread on social media, crying, demanding to return to her family, but the youth official called Medya refuses to return the girl to her family and tries to convince her to stay.

۵٫ Hadiya Abd al-Rahim Antar, 15, from Amuda.

۶٫ Abeer Jastro Abdel Aziz, from the village of Bliss in the Derik district, was kidnapped on 2/11/2021 in Qamishlo city.

۷٫ Sidra Khalil Ibrahim, from the village of Kfardala in Jandrisi district, was kidnapped from the al-Shahba camps in Aleppo countryside, which are supervised by the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

۸٫ Muhammad Abdo Bozo, from the village of Kfardala in Jandrisi district, was kidnapped from the al-Shahba camps in Aleppo countryside, which are supervised by the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

۹٫ Abd al-Rahman Ahmad Berro, was kidnapped from the Ashrafieh neighborhood in Aleppo.

۱۰٫ Silva Nidal Issa was kidnapped for the second time, after her uncle, Abdo Issa, had previously interceded, threatening the militants of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

۱۱٫ Hamid Ahmed Nafez, was kidnapped by the party’s gunmen yesterday, and his relatives and family still do not know about the incident!

On November 24, 2021, the Kurdish National Council in Syria issued a statement to the public opinion regarding the continued recruitment of children by the ‘Revolutionary Youth’ (Ciwanen Shoreshger) organization, in which it held the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) responsible for the kidnapping of children, and appealed to the United Nations and human rights and human rights organizations concerned with protecting the rights of The child, and the international coalition forces to carry out their responsibilities and put pressure on the “SDF” to return dozens of minor children kidnapped by the Ciwanen Shoreshger Organization and its affiliated militias.

The families of these children have staged a protest in Qamishlo last week in front of the UN building, in an appeal to the UN to stop child recruitment by this organization.

It is worth mentioning that other branches of the PKK, such as the PJAK, have also been recruiting children ever since their establishment.

IKHRW has reported extensively on the recruitment of minors by PJAK in Iranian Kurdistan.

IKHRW likes to extend its own appeal to the UN to force a stop on the recruitment of minors by PKK, and its Syrian and Iranian branches.


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