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The Kurdish people of northern Iraq involved in poverty and corruption

Members of Parliament (MP) fighting physically. While all the Kurdish regions in West Asia are experiencing their most difficult times, and the developments in the region also do not have a specific direction to solve many crises at the regional, national and extra-regional levels, the release of a video from the recent meeting of the […]

Child soldier is a terrible word in the shadow of governments inaction

For many years, the topic of using children as a tool in regional wars in the world and especially in the Middle East has been of great interest. According to the reports published by the United Nations, many cases of the use of children in armed conflicts in regions such as Kurdistan and other regions […]

A shocking report from the mountains of Kurdistan; How Kolbar women suffer

Arasteh, a woman, has been kolbarring (illegally carrying goods from the border) with her husband for the last four years. She looks like a 50-year-old woman, but as she herself says that she is under 40. Arasteh only goes kolbarring twice a week. She is not able to continue any more. Mrs. Arasteh suffers from […]

Halabja survivor commits suicide

An Kurdish-Iraqi Halabja genocide survivor committed suicide today in Halabja, that was suffering from the financial difficulties and the Kurdistan Region Government’s carelessness to take care of the poor. I will translate the letter he left behind to understand the reasons behind his hopelessness: “My End When there is no bit of tranquility in life, […]