Tensions between KDP and PUK rise again

The Iraqi Kurdistan region has for years remained an underdeveloped region due to corruption and tribal politics. The region’s two ruling main parties both belong to a different tribe.
In the 90s, many armed clashes appeared between both parties, and though they have made peace for years, the tension between them remains.
At this time of curfews and lockdowns in order to prevent the population from contracting COVID-19, peshmerga forces are deployed to hold checkpoints in all corners of their territory.

As both parties cannot stand to be close to one another, verbal fights have occurred. Yesterday though, these verbal fights moved to a different stage. Multiple roads that go from one territory to the other have been closed off. It is also claimed that PUK is deploying forces to Zini Warte, a border point between two zones.

Whenever ambulances need to swap patients, one has to carry the patient, as the ambulances are not allowed to approach each other. This is a very disappointing move.

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