Heart Surgery on Kurdish novelist and winner of Mehregan Adab Prize

Ata Nahayi, a Kurdish writer and winner of the Mehregan Adab Literary Prize, was admitted to Imam Ali Hospital in Kermanshah for heart surgery and was transferred to the intensive care unit after surgery. Dr. Fereydoun Sabzi, an internationally renowned Kurdish specialist, performed the surgery. Kawan Nahayi, the son of Ata Nahayi, says his father’s general condition is good and he is in the intensive care unit to make sure.

Born in Baneh, Kurdistan Province, Ata Nahayi has published several novels and short stories and won several literary prizes. Some of his works are:

Zarikeh (story), Tanganeh (story), Golishur (novel), I am the wounded bird (novel), Greyi bakhti Halale (novel). The last one won Mehregan Adab Literary Prize.

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