Sirwan Mojaver or Zilan Khoshmir?

One of PJAK’s anti-humanitarian actions, like other branches of the PKK is that it does not even have mercy on the name of the member, and by giving a new and, of course, irrelevant name, it separates the person from his/her real identity and creates a rift. Sirwan, the son of Mohammad and Sara from Bukan in West Azerbaijan province, was also exposed to PJAK.

After abducting Sirwan and taking him to Qandil, PJAK members by threats blocked his return. They gave him the name Zilan. Sirwan was placed in brainwashing classes to be prepared to be killed for the sake of sectarian leader Abdullah Ocalan. After a brief training with the Kalashnikov, he was sent to fight NATO’s Second Army in Turkey. It was not until a few days after his arrival that he was killed as a member of the PKK on June 19, 2012.

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