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When Adel and Rabieh had a child named Khadijeh, they did not imagine their daughter would be killed hundreds of kilometers away from Maku, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, in Hakari, Turkey, where she was involved in the Turkish army’s conflict with the PKK.

This was the path determined by PJAK in order to provide fighters for the PKK. The group paved it for Khadijeh and changed her name to Vian Judi, indicating an irreversible path for her. Khadijeh was still a teenager when she was killed on June 10, 2012. The child soldier was deliberately neglected by the so-called Kurdish human rights activists and, like dozens of other child soldiers, was forgotten.

It is necessary for the Iranian government to take the necessary legal action to pursue the fate of these child soldiers – who are its nationals – and to prosecute their perpetrators.

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