Two Kurdish parties in Turkey in a joint statement: PKK Must be disarmed

Two Kurdish parties: PKK paves the way for Turkish invasion.

The two parties “Socialist” and “Freedom” in Turkish Kurdistan issued a joint statement stating that the PKK deliberately violates the sovereignty of Iraq and the laws of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and paves the way for Turkish attacks.

The statement described the Turkish government as “hostile to the Kurds, a racist, chauvinist and aggressor state” and “a state that does not even show mercy for Kurdish-language signs and is increasingly banning the language” and that “the government turned the life for the people into a hell.”

“There is not a day that Turkey does not take anti-human action against its Kurdish citizens,” the statement said. The statement blames the PKK for which “harms the people of the Kurdistan Region” through its actions. The statement called Turkey’s presence in the Kurdistan Region an “occupation” that has “destabilized the region” and called on all countries, especially the Arab states, to counter Turkey’s actions.

The statement also referred to Turkey’s actions in northern Syria, calling it “anti-Kurdish and occupier” and referring to Afrin, where “killing, looting, and confiscation of Kurdish property” by Turkey has become commonplace. The statement blames the West for the Turkish aggression.

In the end, it says, “We want the PKK to stop violence and to be disarmed so that the Kurds do not suffer more.”

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