Erdogan and Israel: friends or foes?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s sending medical aid to counter coronavirus to Israel raises many questions for observers and analysts who see that Erdogan is attacking Israel in the media outlets while providing it assistance behind the scenes.
Several media sources have spoken of talks between Turkey and Israel regarding sending a shipment of Turkish medical aid to Israel, which was denied by pro-Erdogan sources despite assurances from Israeli media outlets.
However, observers considered that Erdogan’s aim behind providing medical aid to a number of Arab and Western countries under the pretext of coronavirus stems from political rather than humanitarian ends, because today he deals with Israel as a matter of political rather than humanitarian interest.
Of course, given Turkey’s unfavorable economic situation caused by the depreciation of the Turkish lira and decrease of oil prices, Turkey could not provide charity to anyone even in the event of an epidemic; moreover, Turkish citizens might not appreciate the initiative of the good fortune of Recep Tayyip Erdogan if he decides to provide assistance for Israel for free.
According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, the number of patients who were diagnosed with coronavirus in Israel on Monday exceeded 11 145 cases, while more than 56,956 cases were recorded in Turkey.

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