Siamak Salamat did not return safely from Shirnak

Following the introduction of the victims of the PJAK death train – PKK branch – we reach Siamak Salamat. Siamak was the son of Mohieddin and Farideh was born in a poor family in Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province. Siamak joined PJAK members without the knowledge of his parents after being abducted by PJAK. After a few days, they reached the Qandil Mountains in the Kurdistan Region.

Siamak, who was an oppressed person and had been deceived once again, was oppressed for the third time: he was codenamed Mazloom (the oppressed) Urmia. Like other children and teenagers who were deceived or abducted by the PKK / PJAK, he went to war with the Turkish army in Shirnak after being trained in the poisonous ideology of Abdullah Ocalan. Shortly after arriving in Shirnak, Siamak was killed in a clash of the PKK and the Turkish army. PJAK did not even inform the family of his death, and a few years later they found out the news through the media.

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