Hooshmand Alipoor: Armed Human Rights Activity?!

Four Turkish Kurdish political parties issued a joint statement condemning Iran for issuing the death sentence for Hoshmand Alipour and demanded the abolition of the death sentence and releaing him. In their statement, they claim that members of the Komala, the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) are in Iran’s prisons. The statement only mentions the names of the three parties, which means that the issuers of the statement were against the PKK, because if a member of PJAK were arrested and executed, only the Democratic Peoples Party (HDP) would make a statement. But was Hooshmand Alipoor allegedly a human rights activist?

The answer is no. Hooshmand Alipoor is a member of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), which was arrested in August 2019 during an armed operation against a checkpoint in Saqqez city in Iran. He was accompanied by a man namely Mohammad Ostad. They clashed with police, even Mohammed Ostad was injured, and Hooshmand Alipoor was arrested alive. Ostad was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment and Hooshmand Alipoor was sentenced to death while he was tired and had a lawyer.

The statement is therefore baseless because armed attacks are no where considered as human rights activities.

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