Kurdish flag or flags?

“The Kurdish National Unity Working Group” was held in Diyarbakir. The group was attended by various Kurdish parties and organizations in Turkey, including the Democratic People’s Party (HDP), the Democratic Society Congress – both affiliated with the PKK. Given that the flag in that group is the same as the flag of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and Ms. Leila Guven, co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress, also said, “This flag is the flag of all of us”, it is necessary to clarify some points on the subject:

– The PKK, and its affiliated organizations, have repeatedly stated that they do not recognize the flag of KRG, and it is forbidden to lift the flag at its events in Qandil or in Europe, calling it “a piece of cloth”. The use of this flag is forbidden in the regions under the control of the PKK in Syrian Kurdistan.

– Ms. Guven participated as a leader who claims to fight for the “rights of the Kurds”, but Ms. Guven spoke in Turkish like the other members of the group!

As we know, Kurdish parties and groups do not have a single flag and do not accept each other’s flags. The official language of their organizations is Turkish, even the head of the HDP presented his speech in Turkish. They don’t even have the same language and they don’t know each other’s languages. So, can they achieve “national unity”? The answer is no.

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