How did Shahram Mostafazadeh arrived in Sirt?

Sirt is a Kurdish city in Turkey. In almost all Kurdish cities where the PKK and the Turkish army fight and kill each other, there has always been an Iranian Kurd killed as a PKK member. These people, mostly children and teenagers, have been kidnapped or deceived by PJAK. PJAK recruited these people as fighters for the PKK.

Shahram Mostafazadeh, also known as Shuresh Khoy, is one of the victims of PJAK. Born in a deprived Kurdish village of of Khoy city in the province of West Azerbaijan, Iran, the teenager was caught in the demonic paws of PJAK and after brainwashing and partial training in weapons for war in Turkey and was finally killed on August 2, 2012 in Sirt.

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