Why does the commander of Centcom need to wear glasses?

A simple search on the Internet can find photos of Mazlum Kobani / Abdi in PKK uniform in Qandil and among other members of this group. Also, a photo of Mazlum Abdi in a pool with Abdullah Ocalan shows that the relationship between the two was very close. Ocalan was an absolute dictator and is even said to call him his adopted son.

The commander of the US Central Command (Centcom), Kenneth McKenzie, participated in a video conference for the US Institute of Peace and discussed the Syrian Democratic Forces, PKK, and Turkish attacks in the Kurdistan Region.

“I understand Turkey’s concerns about its national security, but its operations in the Kurdistan Region are worsening the situation,” National Interest quoted Col. McKenzie as saying.

Abdullah Ocalan and Mazlum Kobani

He cited the killing of two Iraqi officers in Turkish attacks as a factor in disrupting security. The American commander spoke about the Syrian Democratic Forces and the PKK. “We believe that the PKK and the Syrian Democratic Forces are not the same,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mazlum Kobani does not deny to have been a PKK member and his photographs are proof of this membership, and at the same time various US officials, including John Bolton, a former US National Security Adviser, had confirmed that the PKK / Democratic Syrian Forces is the same as the PKK.

McKenzie needs to wear glasses to see the truth.

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