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Promoting murder and terror by the PKK/PJAK news agency

The media organ of the armed and militant group PKK/PJAK (Firat) is known as a notorious media arm in Kurdish communities that is responsible for propaganda against the opponents of PKK’s armed and ineffective approach. In fact, from the point of view of this pseudo-media, anyone and any group who is against the PKK and […]

The Kurds’ Choices: “No friends but the mountains…and certainly not Israel.”

First published on 19/02/2021 by Elijah J Magnier Republished with approval of the author Many states have used the Kurds (who maintain the same language and cross-border relationships with other Kurdish tribes in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey) throughout modern history –– as a weapon against various Middle Eastern countries. This continues to be the case, especially […]

Ocalan had a phone call with his brother

Abdullah Ocalan, jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has spoken on the phone with his brother for a “short” time after nearly a year of no contact, according to a statement from his lawyers. The news follows recent rumours that Ocalan had died in jail. Without naming his brother, Asrin Law Office, which […]

Osman Ocalan “supports the territorial integrity of Turkey”

In a statement, Osman Ocalan support Turkey’s territorial integrity and criticized the HDP. In a statement referring to his controversial interview with Turkish state-run television TRT in 2019, the brother of the PKK’s leader, Osman ocalan, said: “The interview request came from TRT. My relationship with the Turkish media has always been positive. If another […]

Erdogan’s special envoy meets Osman Ocalan

Osman Ocalan, former member of the PKK leadership council and the brother of the group’s leader, who accused the PKK of cracking down dissent and criticism within the group and fled the organization, said in an interview that he had met Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s envoy to the peace process. He says the meeting took place […]

PKK media attacks Beşikçi; Kurdish writer support Beşikçi

PKK Media have taken a completely opposite position to the people, especially Kurdish writers and this due to the statements of the Turkish writer Ismail Beşikçi in support of the Kurdish people and calling the PKK as the enemy of the Kurds. Houshang Ose, a Kurdish writer and journalist, and a former PKK activist, defended […]

“Brotherhood of Peoples” the achievement of four decades of PKK violence

By Jamal Hameh / Translated by: IKHRW After Abdullah Ocalan promised to serve the Turkish government, he promoted the “Brotherhood of Peoples” project among Turkish Kurds. Ocalan was still on a plane when he surrendered to Turkish forces in Kenya, announcing “I am ready to serve.” In fact, Ocalan promised to prepare the Kurds for […]

Ocalan’s best friend: The Kurds must be suppressed only by military means

In an interview with the Yurtgazetesi newspaper, Dogu Perinçek, the leader of the Vatan Party, supported Turkish military operations against the Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq and called for the repression of the Kurds. Dogu Perinçek, who is a close friend of Abdullah Ocalan and met with him in the Bekka Valley while shaking […]

Rojewi Kurd: Supporting the PKK means to be an enemy of the Kurds

The Kurdish news-analytical site Rojewi Kurd has examined the deplorable situation of the Kurds in Turkey and accuses the PKK of collaborating with the Turkish government. The site writes in its report, “Much has been written about the situation of the Kurds and the PKK. Various politicians have commented on the destruction of the Kurdish […]

Why does the commander of Centcom need to wear glasses?

A simple search on the Internet can find photos of Mazlum Kobani / Abdi in PKK uniform in Qandil and among other members of this group. Also, a photo of Mazlum Abdi in a pool with Abdullah Ocalan shows that the relationship between the two was very close. Ocalan was an absolute dictator and is […]
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