Rojewi Kurd: Supporting the PKK means to be an enemy of the Kurds

The Kurdish news-analytical site Rojewi Kurd has examined the deplorable situation of the Kurds in Turkey and accuses the PKK of collaborating with the Turkish government. The site writes in its report, “Much has been written about the situation of the Kurds and the PKK. Various politicians have commented on the destruction of the Kurdish society by the PKK, and Kurdish society faces wrong and deliberate acts committed by the PKK.

“The PKK, with its policies, has brought the Kurds to the brink of extinction and is the biggest threat to the future of the Kurds and an important obstacle in their way. Some Kurds may only see the oppression of the Kurds by Turkey, but they must see the two sides and then we will realize that we are cornered by Turkey and the PKK. Both are working together to covertly and deeply destroy the Kurds.”

“No other group or organization commits crimes against the Kurds as much as the PKK. Look at the recruitment of Kurdish children, the future of Kurdish society by the PKK who gives them weapons instead of pens,” the author said. “And it paves the way for death. Anyone who supports this organization is definitely an accomplice to its crimes.” The report quotes Abdullah Ocalan as saying, “We are under Turkish rule from the Caucasus to Syria with all our power. I will put this population of 20-30 million in several countries, that is, all Kurds, at the service of Turkey. I’m aware of it. It’s a worthy force. Britain has wanted to take over for 200 years. The United States, Russia want to take over them.”

The author goes on to say why the Kurds do not see these clear statements and why the Kurdish intellectuals, writers and politicians do not react despite these statements? Why are we indifferent with the dark cloud of the PKK on the Kurds?

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