Hossein Rahmati was found after 15 years

Hossein Rahmati was injured by the attacks of Turkish army jets in Mount Asos and died due to the severity of his injuries.

Hossein Rahmati, with the organizational code of Sirvan Sine, is a former member of the PJAK militia, who was injured by the attacks of the Turkish army fighters in Mount Asos on 2022, and died due to the severity of his injuries.

The story of teenagers who become members of separatist groups for any reason becomes more painful when we listen to the conversations of their families and they tell us about the pain they suffered when their children parted.

At the age of 16, Hossein Rahmati from Tangisar village of Sanandaj was deceived by the promises of one of his relatives and became a member of PJAK.

When Hossein joined PJAK, he was 16 years old and at the peak of his teenage years.

Farshad Miri, one of the secret members of PJAK and a relative of Hossein Rahmati, deceived not only him but several young people in various ways in exchange for receiving money from PJAK.

The proximity of Tangisar village with the border wall and the traffic of PJAK members opens Hossein’s foot to PJAK hideouts and finally, with the carelessness of Farshad Miri, Hossein Rahmati leaves home at once and after almost 15 years, there is only one news of his death.

From the year 2007 until the last six months, his family tried every door to get news from Hossein, but they did not get any results. Farshad Miri, who had neglected Hossein, escaped from PJAK and, according to Rahmati’s family, is hiding in one of the cities of the country.

Hossein’s brothers and sisters still do not believe their brother’s death, especially since they have not seen his body.

Hossein’s elderly mother is not in a good mood due to the intense sadness of her son’s separation and death.

The history of families whose children are used and killed by militant groups and do not even see their children’s bodies will never be included in our notes.


Unfortunately, in Tangisar village of Kurdistan province, in addition to Hossein Rahmati, a number of other teenagers were deceived and became members of PJAK at a young age, and their families have no information about their fate.

At the end of the conversation with the Rahmati family, a number of residents of Tangisar village strongly demanded the prosecution of the perpetrators of the abduction and the inclusion of their children in the ranks of PJAK, and requested assistance and follow-up from the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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