Love in the shadow of fear: Sina’s escape from the dark world

Sina and the power of love, the story of a soul in search of feelings.

In this scientific report, an attempt is made to analyze the decisions of young people in political and social environments, emphasizing the specific case of a young man named Muhammad Sina Shams in Iranian Kurdistan. What effects have these decisions, made due to youthful pride, had on the person’s life and those around him?

This report tries to look at this story as a political and social analysis and review the events in a portrait of a specific society and culture, especially of Iranian Kurdistan and also from the Sina’s tongue.

Decision to leave home

Sina’s decision indicates a state of deep depression and isolation because he had no sense of belonging to his home any longer. This feeling can be caused by the challenges and problems of youth, or caused by certain social and cultural conditions. The importance of youthful pride and its effects on life decisions are explored here.

“I was not more than 16 years old when I decided to leave home seriously, because of my youthful pride.

I felt like I didn’t belong in that house anymore. But at that young age, I didn’t have money, nor did I know where to go. At one moment I remembered one of my friends talking about a party in Iraq. Honestly, I didn’t know where they were or what they were doing!  Of course, as I said, I didn’t really care where I went.

I decided to talk to my friend. He also decided to join that group. One day we smuggled out of the border together. When we arrived in Iraq, a car followed us and took us to Qandil.

Membership in P.K.K armed group

The decision to join an armed group in Iraq is an important topic in this report. This shows an attempt to find identity and connection with a new society.

“I was so disgusted with home that I didn’t even ask which group it was or where they were. But when we reached Qandil, I realized this is the headquarter of P.K.K.

As I had left the house, I said to myself: Whatever happened… I have reached my goal.

In the beginning, I didn’t really understand anything about the situation, almost everything was normal for me. Even though I had a hard life, but as I was away from home was enough.

A few years passed and the older I got, the more I came to the conclusion that I had really made a stupid decision; every day  we had to sit in the ideological classes. And then cook and bake bread and dig caves in the mountains.

Days and months passed and almost 5 and a half years later, I was really tired of that life. As I said, the older I got, the more I thought about my situation and circumstance.

 Meeting Nermin and deciding to run away

His familiarity with a Syrian girl named Nermin is an important symbol of hope and change in his individual life. The decision to escape from an environment full of tension and fear is a turning point in this young man’s bitter story.

“I was completely depressed. It was about the last 8 months of my stay there that I met a Syrian girl named Nermin. This familiarity lit a light of hope in me. Every day we felt more interested, but due to the conditions and rules there, we did not dare to talk to each other. There was always a fear because they did not allow any boy or girl to be alone in one place or talk too much. If they found out, they would either be imprisoned, killed or executed.

That’s why we decided to run away together at the same time. When we arrived city, Nermin and I got married in one of the mosques of the city and returned to Iran together.

Although now I am working in a bakery with my father and my wife lives with us, Sometimes I think about how easily I wasted 5 and a half years of my life with an immature decision. But I still hope for my wife, my family. Because my wife has no family except me. She also became a member of PKK when her family was killed by ISIS.

I really hope that no young person like me waste several of the best years of his life because of the emotions and pride.

The end

A young person’s decisions, even if they are due to youthful pride, can have profound effects on their life. These effects can be studied as a process of learning and mental and social formation to investigate similar phenomena better.

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