The continual use of children as soldiers in P.K.K

Firat news agency, the official organ of P.K.K armed group, has announced that it has recruited new members.

The P.K.K announced in news: “9 more youths announced their joining to P.K.K by reading a statement. These young people declared that living freely in the mountains is Abdullah Ojalan’s lifestyle.”

(Assuming the news is true and new) there are some significant points about this P.K.K news:

  1. When an armed group proudly announced the news of the joining of 9 children and teenagers shows the depth of the tragedy and the structural weakness and manpower of the P.K.K. In fact, this armed group in the war with the Turkish army has reached a point that expresses its happiness for joining 9 people to its few members. It is completely unclear how these young people are going to compensate for the weakness of the P.K.K. If P.K.K claims the popularity and legitimacy among the Kurds, why only 9 people have joined this group at a young age? Why are famous, educated and efficient people not interested in this group? Why does P.K.K only target children and teenagers? How many more Kurd children should be victims of a futile war and the ridiculous ideology of P.K.K? Why are the children of PKK leaders not among the newly recruited people?

  1. Why is P.K.K still proud of child soldiers in its official structure? If this group cares about human rights, the future of Kurds in the region, the lives of Kurd children, international criticism and the opposition of human rights institutions, is still proud of using children as armed forces? As a result, it can be said that human rights, the lives of children and civilians are not important for this group.
  2. What is the attraction of free life in the mountains for children? What is the value of living in a cave, being buried under Turkish attacks and heavy avalanches for the Kurdish community? Does the free life in the mountains by the small forces of this group solve the problems of the Kurdish communities? Do occupation of Kurdish areas in Syria by Türkiye, extensive presence of Türkiye in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, poverty and underdevelopment in Iranian Kurdistan, widespread discrimination in the Kurdish regions of Türkiye, various issues of Kurdish society that are a century old, solve by living freely in the mountains by some children? Has the free life in the mountains, which this group claims, helped P.K.K to achieve its goals in the last half century?
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