The real cause of Somayeh Soofizadeh’s death not announced yet

Somayeh Sufizadeh, the daughter of Mohammad Sharif and Fereshteh, was born in Sanandaj, Iran. She was still very young when trapped by a PJAK member who had come to the area with the aim of recruiting members through deception and kidnapping. This PJAK member promised Somayeh to take her to Europe where she could both study, work and send money to her family. They took Somayeh, but they also codenamed her as Meysa Sepidar then sent her to Qandil mountains, Northern Iraq.

Somayeh realized from the very beginning of reaching Qandil that she had been deceived and she was going to die, so she decided to run away. She openly discussed his escape because it encourages everyone to flee, a serious crime in the PKK / PJAK. Such members face the death penalty.

Finally, Somayeh was announced dead. According to PJAK, she was killed on March 4, 2012 in Qandil as a result of Turkish airstrikes, but given the group history of killing people trying to escape, it seems that the cause of her death was not the airstrike, but PJAK killed her.

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