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Violation of the right to housing by PJAK/PKK

By: Hossein Pejman, PhD researcher in Public Law The right to housing is one of the basic human rights. This means human beings should have proper housing and shelter. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights also recognize this right and emphsize on it. The constitutions […]

From Kermanshah to Ozalp and …

Vali Parsa, the son of Sabah and Nasrin, born in Kermanshah, Iran, did not imagine that one day at the best of his adolescence and organizationally codenamed as Harun Agri will be killed in the city of Ozalp, affiliated to the city of Van in Turkey and this during the conflict between the army and […]

PKK caused the school to be closed down

Continued evacuation of villages in the Kurdistan Region due to Turkish attacks for the presence of PKK members, especially among the civilians in the villages, the people of Kanimzan village were forced to evacuate the whole village and the school was closed down at the beginning of the school year. According to local media, people […]

In an interview with VOA, Sefin Dizeyi: PKK is a threat for the KRG people

In an interview with VOA’s Kurdish Service, Sefin Dizeyi, responsible for foreign relations in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), answered to various questions about the developments in the Kurdistan Region, including Turkey’s attacks on villages and the evacuation of more than one thousand villages while introducing the PKK as the cause of these “serious problems”. […]

Dr. Kermanj Othman: the PKK must be tried in an international court

Following are various reports about the abduction of children by the PKK to recruit as child soldiers, the media of the Kurdistan Region also paid attention to this issue and covered it. “The PKK commits crimes against humanity by kidnapping children for recruiting as soldiers and should be prosecuted,” Dr. Kermanj Othman, a Kurdish regional […]

Geostratos: PKK is an organized network for drug production and distribution

Among the anti-human activities of the PKK, we can mention drugs that are financially very profitable. “The Geopolitical Observatory of Narcotics” confirms that “narcotics confiscated in Turkey, as in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands, where a significant Kurdish diaspora lives, indicates that narcotics are the source of funding for the PKK activities (military, […]

Geostratos: Drug is the financial source of PKK funding

In an article, Geostatratos website referred to different dimensions of PKK including tis financial side. “The PKK’s annual budget is millions of dollars, and its financial resources include organized extortion from Kurds living in Europe, the forced sale of publications, legal commercial activities, armed attacks for robery, and the imposition of revolutionary taxes,” it wrote. […]

Siamak Salamat did not return safely from Shirnak

Following the introduction of the victims of the PJAK death train – PKK branch – we reach Siamak Salamat. Siamak was the son of Mohieddin and Farideh was born in a poor family in Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province. Siamak joined PJAK members without the knowledge of his parents after being abducted by PJAK. After a […]

On Twitter account, Adil Hafiza: PKK has a dark face

Adil Hafiza, an institute on children’s rights, on Twitter account, discussed various human rights violations committed by the PKK and wrote: “The dark face of terrorism is as such: – PKK / YPG / PKK / kidnapp the Children, – They are recruited for terrorist attacks, – The children are used as a human shield […]

The real cause of Somayeh Soofizadeh’s death not announced yet

Somayeh Sufizadeh, the daughter of Mohammad Sharif and Fereshteh, was born in Sanandaj, Iran. She was still very young when trapped by a PJAK member who had come to the area with the aim of recruiting members through deception and kidnapping. This PJAK member promised Somayeh to take her to Europe where she could both […]
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