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Jaber Ali Beyg: PKK kidnapped my grand children

A video file has been published on the Facebook accounts of Kurdish social network users, which has also attracted the attention of some media in the Kurdistan Region. In this video file, an old Kurdish Yazidi man is seen addressing public opinion while complaining of the PKK. This old man introduces himself as Jaber Ali […]

Human rights activists’ efforts against the recruitment of child soldiers in the PKK resulted in a reaction

Following the extensive activities of human rights activists and institutions, including the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, against the recruitment of child soldiers by the PKK and its affiliates, the group’s affiliate in northern and northeastern Syria, has announced a law to pursue the situation and fate of child soldiers in its rank. The administration […]

Why should he have been killed?!

Rahman Mahmoudpour’s photo is belongs to a time when he was a member of the PKK / PJAK for several years. This shows that he was much younger when he was abducted and taken to Qandil for recruitment. In this photo, he is a teenager and was a child at the time of kidnapping. Seeing […]

Heydar Shasho: With the PKK’s leaving Sinjar, Security will come to the region

“The situation of the Yazidi Kurds in Sinjar is dire, and if this trend continues, no bright future can be seen for them,” said Heydar Shasho, commander of the Sinjar Defense Forces (HPŞ). “The problem of the Yazidis in Sinjar/Shangal is only the presence of armed groups, and we know that these groups are also […]

Why don’t you launch a campaign for Farshid Fathi?

Farshid Fathi, the son of Rahim and Jamileh from Marivan, is one of dozens of children and teenagers who have fallen victim to the PJAK group and have never been talked about. The double victim of silence. He was recruited by the PKK on June 19, 2012 and sent to death in Hakari, Turkey. It […]

It is the month of Muharram and the mother of Muharram Omueemilan is still waiting for him

Zari and Zahir are Sunni kurds and from the city of Shot in the north of West Azerbaijan province, Iran, but because of their special belief and devotion to Imam Hussein (AS), they named their son Muharram. Muharram was interested in studying, but he was still a teenager and at a sensitive age when he […]

Mr. Kaboudvand, why don’t you say anything about Dorsa Dalaei Milan?

The long list of Iranian Kurdish victims of PJAK, the PKK branch, shows how much the group has committed the crimes, and the deadly silence of the so-called human rights defenders has so far allowed the group to continue its crimes. Dorsa Dalaei Milan, the son of Ibrahim and Batool from a village in Maku […]

If Ramadan was alive…

These days in social networks, sentences like “If … he was alive, it would be his birthday.” No one is happy about the death of others. But do the people who write this have the necessary belief in their intentions? By simple comparison, we find that these people have a double standard in dealing with […]

Some myths about the PKK

A few things about the PKK and its branches are propagated by its fans, which are nothing more than myths. These are mentioned in the following video file. – Countries in the region fighting against the PKK and its branches are “at war with the Kurds are”! Meanwhile, the number of PKK members is not […]

PJAK is responsible for the death of Karim Hosseinzadeh

When PJAK, a branch of the PKK, relentlessly recruited child soldiers as the PKK’s fighting force, it did not imagine that one day human rights organizations would ask and pressure its leaders, especially in Europe to answer on the fate of these children, something that is taking shape. Karim Hosseinzadeh is one of the children […]
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