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Issa has targeted his life!

Issa Shams never knew that he was going to put aside his pen, notebook and school books and take up arms in the mountains of Qandil and in the damp caves where PJAK members live, and to target his future and life. Issa, the son of Mustafa and Javaher, was born in a deprived village […]

Lightning in Qandil and death in Shangal

Mohsen Ghafouri, the son of Baqer and Golnaz from Sanandaj, thought that Qandil was somewhere in Europe, and by watching the programs of a PKK / PJAK-affiliated network and seeing male and female singers, he believed the words of PKK / PJAK members who said that he could go there for a better life, too. […]

Why was Iraj Brooki Milan buried in Beit Shabab?

Iraj Brooki Milan, son of Ahmad and Azizeh, was born into a deprived family in a village affiliated to the city of Maku in West Azerbaijan, Iran. PJAK members continued their poisonous and hateful actions and put Iraj on the path of death. After recruiting Iraj, they chose an organizational name for him as usual. […]

From Nasser Shojaei to Jotkar Sisir

Qotur is a region with the center of Qotur city affiliated to Khoy in West Azerbaijan province of Iran. The villages in this Kurdish region are one of the PKK / PJAK targets for recruiting fighters through deception and kidnapping. Nasser Shojaei, son of Aladdin and Gozel, is one of these victims. Nasser, who was […]
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