From Nasser Shojaei to Jotkar Sisir

Qotur is a region with the center of Qotur city affiliated to Khoy in West Azerbaijan province of Iran. The villages in this Kurdish region are one of the PKK / PJAK targets for recruiting fighters through deception and kidnapping. Nasser Shojaei, son of Aladdin and Gozel, is one of these victims. Nasser, who was born into a poor family, went to primary school and then worked as a worker until he fell into the trap of PJAK and was promised more work and money.

PJAK members did not tell Nasser the truth, and he thought he was going to work until he suddenly found himself in Qandil mountains, Northern Iraq. There was no way back. Anyone who enters Qandil has no right to return. Staying is mandatory. They named him Jotkar Sisir. Nasser was in brainwashing and military classes and was killed as a member of the PKK by the Turkish army shortly afterwards on September 2, 2015, in the Shamzinan area of ​​Hakkari.

What is unfortunate is that pretending human rights activists (people like Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand, Ammar Goli, Jahangir Abdollahi…) have not even once blamed the PKK / PJAK for violating the rights of people like Nasser.

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