Why was Iraj Brooki Milan buried in Beit Shabab?

Iraj Brooki Milan, son of Ahmad and Azizeh, was born into a deprived family in a village affiliated to the city of Maku in West Azerbaijan, Iran. PJAK members continued their poisonous and hateful actions and put Iraj on the path of death.

After recruiting Iraj, they chose an organizational name for him as usual. Iraj Brooki Milan became Jagarkhun Makur. It was clear from the word Jagar/blood in the new name that his blood was to be shed. Former Iraj and the new Jagrkhoon left for Turkey to be killed.

PJAK, which claims to be independent from the PKK, sent Iraj to fight the Turkish army as a member of the PKK, like other Iranian Kurds. Finally, shortly after Iraj’s recruitment, he was assassinated on September 25, 2015 in Beit Shabab in the Shernakh district.

PKK / PJAK members abandoned his body and locals buried him.

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