Lightning in Qandil and death in Shangal

Mohsen Ghafouri, the son of Baqer and Golnaz from Sanandaj, thought that Qandil was somewhere in Europe, and by watching the programs of a PKK / PJAK-affiliated network and seeing male and female singers, he believed the words of PKK / PJAK members who said that he could go there for a better life, too. Mohsen left home with PJAK members without informing his parents.

Less than a few days later, Mohsen Ghafouri was taken to the mountains of northern Iraq, and every time he asked, they said that it was a smuggling route to cross the border to Turkey. Eventually he reached Qandil and realized that he had been deceived but could not do anything.

He was named after Brusk Seneh (Lightning of Sanandaj). Shortly afterwards, Brusk was sent to Shangal/Sinjar in PKK uniform, where he was killed by Turkish airstrikes that sounded like lightning. Thus, another young Kurd was added to the death list by PJAK.

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