Issa has targeted his life!

Issa Shams never knew that he was going to put aside his pen, notebook and school books and take up arms in the mountains of Qandil and in the damp caves where PJAK members live, and to target his future and life.

Issa, the son of Mustafa and Javaher, was born in a deprived village around Maku city in West Azerbaijan province, and his parents tried to get him to continue his education, but he fell into the trap of death traders and eventually found himself in Qandil.

The PKK / PJAK sent him to Shangal like dozens of other children, teenagers and young people after basic training, but it was not long before he arrived in Shangal that he was killed on November 27, 2015. Issa and others like him are also victims of the silence of Kurdish human rights activists who create an unrealistic atmosphere for Colbars but have remained silent about PJAK crimes.

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