Kurdish writer threatened with death by PKK

A Kurdish writer and researcher was threatened with death by the PKK for publishing criticizing literature on the PKK’s anti-Kurdish policy.

Hushang Ose, a Syrian Kurdish writer and researcher, wrote on his Facebook account: “Following the publication of several investigative articles about the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan, I have been threatened with death by the PKK.”

Referring to the threats, he wrote: “As a writer, I have only asked questions and issues raised in my curious mind, and in this regard, I have researched and published the results, which led to a threatening response from the PKK.”

The Kurdish writer added that if there is any incident, “I only hold the PKK responsible.”

According to human rights organizations, dozens of Kurdish writers and journalists have been assassinated by the PKK for criticizing its policy and actions.

Hushang Ose said: “The main goal of the PKK is to make insecurity and create problems for the Kurdistan Region.”

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