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PKK and Organized Elimination: The Case of Sakine Cansiz

Ethnic cleansing, physical elimination and mass killing the opposition and violent and brutal repression of critics, Ocalan-centerism, police-like approach in controlling and managing group members, severe censorship, kidnapping, marriage prohibition, recruiting women and children for military and security affairs and even as suicide-bombers, using the women and girls in affairs beyond their capabilities, drug trafficking, […]

Assassination of Kuhsar Fatehi and the guaranteed deterrence for full implementation of the Geneva Conventions

An armed and terrorist attack by PJAK group on a rescue ambulance on July 20, 2016 in Kamyaran city led to the death of Kuhsar Fatehi, a Red Crescent relief worker. Kuhsar was passing during his relief turn with standard Red Crescent signs, so attacking the Red Crescent car and targeting the relief workers is, […]

Kurdish writer threatened with death by PKK

A Kurdish writer and researcher was threatened with death by the PKK for publishing criticizing literature on the PKK’s anti-Kurdish policy. Hushang Ose, a Syrian Kurdish writer and researcher, wrote on his Facebook account: “Following the publication of several investigative articles about the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan, I have been threatened with death by the […]