If Taleb Mohammadi was a Kolber …

These days, the so-called Kurdish human rights activists pretend to be very serious than ever and show off defending the Kolbars – the natural and legitimate rights of the Kolbars are right and are not denied. On the one hand, these human rights pretenders are silent on the killing of Kolbars by PJAK in the border areas, a murder that is carried out with the aim of creating a war propaganda, on the other hand, ignoring a very acute human rights issue are questioned.

Ignoring the deception and abduction of dozens of Iranian Kurdish children, adolescents and young people by PJAK, giving them to the PKK to be killed in Turkey and Syria, makes any person with a conscience suspect their intention to defend the rights of the Kolbars.

Taleb Mohammadi, the son of Jafar and Bahia, is one of the victims of PJAK and the silence of human rights pretenders. This Mariwani teenager was killed as a PKK member in Kirkuk on February 6, 2015, after being deceived by PJAK. The question is, if Taleb had been killed as a Kolbar, would we still be witnessing human rights pretenders silent about him?

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