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Do not leave our Kolbers alone in the winter!!

It is heartbreaking to hear the disturbing news of the fate of kolbers who disappear or are killed in the cold of winter. Recently, we saw that three Kurdish kolbers were missing in the Binar Valley, and that snow and blizzards prevented them from being searched after, which means that the plight of the Kurdish […]

Turkish border guards commits crimes against the Iranian Kolbars; Strange silence by the Iranian government

Reports indicate that an Iranian Kolbar was killed and another was injured under torture by Turkish forces. According to news sources, Turkish border guards “sexually and physically abused the two Kolbars and injured them with knives”. Turkish forces fired on Bahram Samadi and Hassan Kachalanloo. Hassan Kachalanloo was shot dead by Turkish border guards, and […]

A shocking report from the mountains of Kurdistan; How Kolbar women suffer

Arasteh, a woman, has been kolbarring (illegally carrying goods from the border) with her husband for the last four years. She looks like a 50-year-old woman, but as she herself says that she is under 40. Arasteh only goes kolbarring twice a week. She is not able to continue any more. Mrs. Arasteh suffers from […]

If Taleb Mohammadi was a Kolber …

These days, the so-called Kurdish human rights activists pretend to be very serious than ever and show off defending the Kolbars – the natural and legitimate rights of the Kolbars are right and are not denied. On the one hand, these human rights pretenders are silent on the killing of Kolbars by PJAK in the […]